Why Small Businesses are Choosing Managed IT Services

Why Small Businesses are Choosing Managed IT Services

When the managed IT services industry first started up, it was seen as a solution for large enterprises who needed to outsource IT expertise to save costs, add a competitive edge and move into a more digital market. Today, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly choosing to invest in these services – so what’s driving this change? And how are small businesses benefiting?

Digitisation is Everywhere

The burden of digitisation and technology is as much of a concern to small businesses as larger ones, as enterprises on all sides increasingly rely on tech to streamline operations and logistics, manage customer service and communications, and run business-critical systems. And the costs of managing this in-house is just too high for most businesses – as much as 70% of a company’s entire IT budget can go towards keeping these systems online. Technology is ingrained in every sector of every business regardless of size or industry, and the cost of not having these systems up and running 24/7 can be devastating in an age of digital consumerism.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

#1 – Improved Security

Every online business, that uses networks, the cloud or online applications, is at risk of a data breach. And while attacks on large enterprises tend to grab the headlines (in 2020 alone, this included breaches at Nintendo, Easy Jet, Marriot, Zoom and Twitter), small businesses are experiencing a surge in cybersecurity breaches. For smaller businesses, these breaches can be devastating, as few have the resources to cover the AU$276,000 average cost of recovery. A cybersecurity solution from a managed IT solution can be the difference between preventing a breach and closing your doors.

#2 – Cost Savings

While IT is operations-critical, it is not the focus of your business – and yet it costs a massive amount each year to run in-house, including software licences, machinery and staff. A small business is also unlikely to attract top IT talent unless it is part of the industry itself, so it can be a struggle to set up and manage an effective team. Managed IT services specialists can offer you both the talent and resources affordably by spreading the costs over their entire client base, taking this financial and administrative burden off your shoulders and letting you focus on your business.

#3 – Reduced Downtime, Rapid Support

How long has it been since you had an IT issue? And how long did it take to solve? This downtime is not only frustrating and challenging to deal with, but it also costs you in terms of productivity and customer service. Today’s customers want services and products now, and if your IT systems are down then they’re going to move directly to your competitor. A managed IT partner will not only have the resources and expertise to minimize downtime, regardless of the cause, they also work to predict issues and make changes to your systems to ensure that preventable IT issues are avoided before they cause problems. In addition, they can provide disaster recovery and data backup solutions to ensure that whatever happens, you can get your business up and running again as quickly as possible.

#4 – Best Case Solutions

You know what your business and team needs, but which of the hundreds of IT solutions out there will actually deliver what you want? Your IT partner can navigate this issue for you, matching your business needs with a solution that works at a price point that fits into your budget. Not only can they leverage strong vendor relationships to benefit your business, but they’ll also implement the solution, train you and your staff up on how to use it, and provide all the support you need going forward. No more confusion, no more unnecessary expenditure, and a smooth, rapid transition.

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