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Managed Services are designed to make your life easier, by shifting the responsibility of your IT environment to DWM. You no longer have to worry about the health of your IT Systems, because we do that for you. As your trusted IT partner we proactively manage and support your network, allowing you to get back to what you do best, running your business.  

In an ideal world, you should never have to call your IT Company to report a problem. To achieve this we believe you need 3 things – IT systems that work and meet your needs; proactive and effective support; and expert technology advice. Managed Services is the best way to achieve those results.   

With Managed Services from DWM you will:   

  • Get back to basics in your key business operations - we manage your IT so you don’t have to think about it 
  • Increase productivity - with IT that simplifies your business
  • Experience predictability in your budget forecasting - with flat rate IT services that deliver all your needs 
  • Know you’re safe - you can rest easy in the knowledge that we are always keeping an eye on your environment 

What Does DWM Managed Services Agreement bring to you?   

  • We proactively monitor, manage and maintain your IT network – we find and fix the problems before they affect your users; 
  • It means you know the state of your IT network, and with our comprehensive reporting you know exactly how we have been supporting you; 
  • It means you have an experienced help desk to support you remotely or onsite; 
  • And it means you have an IT Partner who gives you up to date advice regarding the technology relevant to your industry. 

The commitment of our experienced staff of professionals to deliver optimal support gives you the peace of mind that your IT systems are in good hands. By relying on our expert computer network maintenance, you’re all set to take your business to the next level.  

Data Security

Protect Your Data from Anything,  Anywhere. Over the last year, we have all been made aware of the increasing risk of Ransomware and other malware, and without the right systems in place to protect you, this can cripple your business.  

As a business, you need to invest in a modern backup and disaster recovery system to protect not only your data, but your customer’s data as well. Otherwise you are playing a version of Russian Roulette with your two most important assets – your data and your reputation.   

In addition to a working Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution, you need to protect data that enters, leaves and moves around your network.   

Data exists in many places on your network and with your staff, servers, workstations, notebooks, smart phones, web storage, Office 365 etc.  To ensure the security of your data we implement a number of systems to ensure your data is safe from loss, infection or theft.   

Do you have these systems in place ? 

  • Internet gateway protection
  • Anti virus and anti spam on all devices
  • Anti Ransomware protection
  • Encryption for mobile data
  • Backup of any cloud based data or applications
  • Staff education on best practice.

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, you need to make changes as soon as possible to protect your business. Contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.  

Business Continuity

Imagine you arrive at work in the morning to find that the building is just a burned out shell. Your office, your systems, your entire business is gone!  All that data. It’s a disaster, right?  No, you have backups! 

Unfortunately the back-ups were stored in the same room as your server; in a safe that was water proof, smoke proof, and flame proof but not heat proof, and now you have lost three days of data. 

In that situation a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) would be your roadmap for how to recover from the worst case scenario. It may have even prevented it. 

Today, organisations of all types are dependent on information technology with almost all work recorded in some way onto a computer system. But people rarely stop to consider what would happen if they did arrive at work and the computer was no longer there, or all the data was gone. 

A BCP is all about creating peace of mind for our customers through risk mitigation. BCPs set out not only what you can do to prevent data loss in a disaster, but also how to recover when the unavoidable does strike. It also has a big impact on risk auditing and insurance – if you don’t have a BCP for your IT systems, you won’t be able to insure against data lost in a disaster event. Disasters can take many forms, from natural disasters to power surges, computer viruses, or sabotage. A savvy organisation will give consideration to all of these situations.

We are experts in risk mitigation and peace of mind, and can prepare an individualised BCP for your organisation that meets all of your organisational and insurance needs, and can help you sleep easier knowing you have a plan. 

Consultancy Services

The focus of any IT system is to provide a secure, efficient, and functional setting for your organisation to process its data. 

In a constantly evolving environment where physical and virtual are an everyday reality, the challenge lies in providing the best infrastructure and software to meet your needs. 

Strategic Planning is the key to mapping out the path for your future IT needs. But it can be tough to know where to begin. 

To plan for your future, we first look to the past for any lessons that can be learned from previous plans and experience. 

We then frame our strategy within the context of your unique goals and objectives to ensure that the new plan will enhance your business.  

What Our Clients Say...

"DWM was the provider of all IT services to GVML for a period of 3 years.  During this time we found DWM to be responsive, professional, client focused, and up-to-date on all current IT trends. Nick and his team always provided well considered advice and as a result had our full confidence. I have no trouble recommending DWM to any prospective client. 
Carolyn Searle
Goulburn Valley Medicare Local

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