Is Your Organisation’s Data Really Safe?

Is Your Organisation’s Data Really Safe?

As businesses of every size, across every industry become increasingly reliant on digital solutions, so it becomes more critical not only to implement a data security solution, but to keep evaluating and upgrading that solution to ensure it keeps pace with the threats around us. As a managed IT services provider specialising in data security, we know firsthand the threats that businesses face – and how to counter them.

Your Business is Facing These Data Security Threats

While many businesses realise the importance of good data security, it’s not a core business function – so it’s understandable that data threats and security measures are not at the front of your mind. Here are the most common threats that every business faces:

  • Your employees – One of the biggest vulnerabilities in any business is it’s employees. Whether by mistake or malicious intention, an employee can easily access your networks, data centres, records and administrative accounts and cause serious damage. Because they often have clearance already, they can easily overcome the data security measures you have in place.
  • Your lack of IT security policy – An organisation’s IT security policy is an essential strategic plan of what to do to prevent breaches and how to react when a breach occurs. Without a comprehensive policy, breaches can easily go undetected, quickly advancing through your network and causing the maximum amount of damage. And when it is detected, employees simply won’t know what to do or who to call.
  • Your lack of disaster recovery plan – A disaster recovery plan sounds like a common sense idea, yet many businesses large and small currently don’t have one in place. These plans work a bit like insurance, providing a safety net in the event that the worst happens. Because there is no way to 100% guarantee that a breach or accidental data disaster won’t occur, a good disaster recovery plan will allow your business to recover as quickly as possible with minimal losses and downtime.
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device and remote working is a reality for most organisations today, but when employees are using unknown devices on your network, it opens your business up to data breaches and unfortunate accidents. From an unsecured laptop creating a pathway for hackers to access your network to employees losing data or having unsecured tech stolen from their person, the potential consequences of BYOD and remote working when you don’t have the right data security protocols, policies and solutions in place are high.
  • The cloud – Cloud applications are one of the most useful and functional technologies of our time, but if you are using an unsecured or poorly secured cloud application, your organisation is exceptionally vulnerable. When sourcing a cloud application, it is critical to have an IT partner who can ensure the proper data security, including data encryption, is in place.

Data Security Services are Key for Every Business

Not sure if a data security solution is right for your business? The reality is that if you are online, you are vulnerable. This is especially true for smaller businesses that lack the resilience and margins that allow large enterprises time and space to recover.

As a data security partner, our team can offer your business a wide range of expert IT security services including business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning to server and network monitoring, and network administration – all with onsite and remote support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Talk to our team and see how we can put over 17 years of managed IT services experience to work protecting your business affordably and effectively.