Everything You Should Know About Cloud Computing in 2021

Everything You Should Know About Cloud Computing in 2021

We’re already settling into 2021, with businesses getting into the swing of things. With many businesses looking to learn from the lessons of 2020, the IT industry is seeing significantly increased interest in cloud technologies, especially relating to managing remote teams, data security, and collaboration. Here are some insights into the future of cloud computing in 2021.

According to Forrester’s research, the global public cloud infrastructure market is set to surge by a massive 35% in 2021, reaching US$120 billion as companies position themselves for recovery. Gartner’s research supports this, predicting that global IT spend relating to cloud technology will accelerate dramatically as the year progresses. Here are some trends you’re likely to see.

#1 – Increased Spending in 3 Key Features

The pandemic taught us all a few important lessons and, as a result, we’re likely to see spending surge in three areas of cloud computing – disaster recovery, content delivery, and identity access/management. Disaster recovery services ensure that should the worst happen, whether it’s a data breach or a fire, you have the ability to roll out an up-to-date version of all your data as quickly as possible in order to minimise downtime and losses. Content delivery solutions support remote workers, allowing people to download, upload and work on projects quickly and easily whether they are in your office, at home, or anywhere else. Identity and access management is an important layer of security that helps to ensure that sensitive data is as inaccessible as possible to all but the right people – both inside and outside your organisation.

#2 – 3 Leading Solutions Keep Growing

Cloud applications Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are set to dominate the market through the year, with predicted growth rates of 47%, 43% and 29% respectively. Azure is the first-choice option for Fortune 500 companies wanting the most powerful data security measures and APIs across different environments. At the same time,  Amazon Web Services dominates the small to medium business market with affordable rates, quality data security, simple scaling of services and great customisation tools. Google Cloud is another great innovation utilising its powerful search engine and consumer apps to drive mass-market adoption.

#3 – The Hybrid Cloud Gets Stronger

With the events of 2020 dramatically accelerating digitisation in every industry, organisations will continue to push onto the cloud, with hybrid cloud solutions being the popular choice. Hybrid cloud technology combines a mix of onsite and offsite cloud infrastructure, creating a balance between public cloud technology from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others with the traditional onsite data centre. The key to successfully implementing a cloud solution is in determining what is best for the business, rather than just relying on the latest tech. Many organisations enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud computing, creating space for remote working, collaboration and cloud APIs as well as stronger security and cost optimisation.

#4 – Edge Takes Off

Predicted to be the new cloud, Edge is predicted to grow significantly in the next year facilitated by the rollout of 5G and the increasing use of AI technology. Edge computing is computing that is done at the source of the data, rather than relying on data centres. As a result, it is incredibly fast with exceptionally low latency – something that is important to everyone from share traders and video gamers to everyday people using voice and home assistants. The faster computing can occur, the faster you get your answer. This is also predicted to both decrease server costs and increase privacy, which is becoming a big concern for organisations and individuals alike.

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