Phishing – What you need to know to protect you and your business

Chances are, you’ve heard the word “Phishing” during your time on the internet. If you didn’t know, this seemingly innocent word is actually describing criminal attempts to gain someone’s private username and passwords. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices in cybercrime today. After all, it’s far easier to simply login to …

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IOT – What You Need To Know

IOT – What You Need To Know The Internet Of Things, or IoT, consists of billions of everyday devices which have the ability to connect to the internet. The IoT is like a giant web of unified people and technology, which all interact and share their ingrained knowledge. In doing so, this collective information can …

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The Cloud

The “cloud“ is an increasingly hot topic within the IT world, and should be understood by both industry professionals and end users. Ambiguity and a whole host of unknowns make for many areas to consider when understanding and implementing cloud solutions.   What we must remember about cloud computing is that the data still has a physical presence. With that being said, the distinction is that the responsibility for security and redundancy is shifted onto the cloud storage provider. Their remote locations …

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