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Business Continuity Planning

For those that can't afford the down time.

Build Serious Resilience

And face technology disruptions with confidence.

Mitigate Risk

Prepare management to respond to a crisis with decisiveness. Be organised, be resourceful, be smart with a risk & threat assessment. Planning will pacify a cyber crisis, limit its impact and accelerate business recovery. 


Guarantee Insurance

If you don’t have a Business Continuity Plan for your IT systems, you won’t be able to insure against data lost in a disaster event. It’s like asking for car insurance for a car without seat belts. Get your business a solid plan, and satisfy compliance.


Recover Faster

Shrink interruptions and restore critical IT infrastructure faster. We design recovery solutions that prepare your team for worst case scenarios. Without a plan your business is weaker, more vulnerable and facing months of revenue loss.


Become Stronger

We understand that managing systems is not just about technology, but about people. When the pressures on, you need people ‘on’ to get the systems back on. Our realistic scenario testing will bring calm to your storm in a disruption. 


Dependable Planning

Hope is not a strategy

If you were to arrive at work in the morning to find that the building is just a burned out shell, your office, your systems, your entire business, would be up in smoke. Even if you have back-ups, maybe they were stored in the same room as your server; in a safe that was waterproof, smoke proof, and cyber proof, but not heat proof. And months of data is destroyed.

For your business that could mean client loss and revenue loss.   

In that situation a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) would be your shield of prevention, and a road-map for how to recover from the worst case scenario. Hope is not a strategy. And BCP’s are for those that can’t afford the downtime.

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"The transition and roll-out was seamless, and service levels above expectation. We have avoided the cost of employing internal tech specialists as a result."
Benjamin Goodall
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Business Continuity Planning

Get technology that works and keeps you working.

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