Tips for Choosing the Best Managed IT Services Provider

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Managed IT Services Provider

As your business grows, so your technology needs change. For most businesses, regardless of their industry, a time comes when it simply makes sense to partner with a managed IT services provider. With their expertise and cost scaling abilities, this move removes the burden of managing a large internal IT team, saving you time and money while ensuring you get exceptional support and solutions. But not each managed IT services provider is up to the task. Here are some tips for finding the right partner for your business.

#1 – 24/7 Availability

You and your staff don’t need to work around the clock – but your IT services provider should. Your IT services need to be up and constantly running to support your business and customers, and a cyberattack can happen at any time of day or night. Whether you’re having network access or hardware issues, or you’re worried about a potential data breach, your IT partner should be there to monitor your network and provide their expertise.

#2 – Service Scope

There is no point working with an IT services provider that cannot service all your IT needs. It’s essential that whatever your business, they can provide end-to-end IT support, including hardware needs, data storage, cloud services, data security, disaster recovery and more. Don’t get locked into a contract where your business’s needs are not being met in their entirety.

#3 – Response Times

An IT issue can quickly cause your entire operation to grind to a halt in today’s businesses. IT downtime is costly and frustrating, so your service provider needs to guarantee rapid, effective response times to the various IT issues that inevitably occur in any business. They should be able to give you a clear idea of their response time for any given situation, and not simply forward you to a call centre.

#4 – Strong Third-Party Vendor Partnerships

This is one of the areas where your IT partner should be exceptionally valuable. Using a robust network of relationships with third-party vendors, they have easy access to the best technology vendors for solutions and support. They’ll be able to evaluate your IT needs quickly, recommend a high-quality solution that works for your business and budget, be able to leverage their network for the best deal, and implement it quickly.

#5 –Security Testing and Monitoring

Your managed IT services partner should take an active role in the security of your business data. Rather than waiting for an attack to occur and then trying to limit the damage, the best IT partners monitor your network 24/7 to detect breaches and respond rapidly. They work to ensure your software is up-to-date with the latest security patches, they help develop your IT policies, and implement IT solutions that have the most robust security features.

#6 – Disaster Recovery Services

Even with the strongest IT security and most vigilant IT team, cyberattacks and other disasters like fire or flooding can occur. Something as simple as an employee’s poorly thought-out password can open your network up for a major breach. In the event of the worst happening, your IT partner should have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. This will include a recent backup of all business data, allowing you to return to business as usual with minimal disruption, losses and downtime.

#7 – Experience

The best managed IT service providers have plenty of experience and a proven track record to back them up. Not only should they know their job well, but they should also have a clear understanding of your industry and what your business requires. This will ensure they can implement and maintain high-quality IT solutions and understand where potential issues and challenges lie (compliance, etc.) and how to overcome them.

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